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Hey, I’m Jasmine Gallardo. I’m based in Santa Ana, Ca. And you’ve just found yourself in the digital version of my brain.

I created Gallant Collab as a space for self-care and creativity. It’s born out of the idea that physical, mental, spiritual, and environmental care are not only practical necessities, but art forms that take practice and development to be effective. Growing up, not all of us are taught to advocate for our comfort, our creativity, or our planet. So this site is where I do all three.

Expect blog posts on yoga, self-care, sustainability, and community events. Because I have a lot of feelings on these.

Expect a shop for vintage and second-hand (yes, second-hand) clothes. Because slowing down consumption is a big part of sustainability.

Expect art. Because I write creatively. And expect collaborations with other artists, because that’s what community is about.

Email me at gallantcollab@gmail.com if you want to work with me.