Gallant Sustainability


Growing up, not all of us are taught to advocate for our comfort, our creativity, or our planet.

A big part of self-care - the idea from which this site was born - is looking outside of ourselves at the big picture. What are the larger systemic problems of our world that keep us from empowering ourselves and others to take charge of our health and wellbeing on an everyday basis?

Luxurious #SelfCareSunday baths are great and all, but do you know what chemicals are in the tap water you’re soaking in? Treating yourself to some “retail therapy'“ is super cool I guess, but do you know whether someone is being paid fairly for making that poorly constructed F21 piece of shit you just bought (no judgies) or how much wasted textiles are already in our ever-increasing landfills?

All I’m saying is, we have been mindlessly consuming and creating things to own without a thought as to where things like single use plastic, chemical-filled beauty products, and barely worn clothing go when we’re done with them (actually, I know - they wash up on the shores of the Dominican Republic lol) or how they pollute our crop soil, drinking water, and every other beautiful thing our Earth has to offer. Soon enough, we’ll be way beyond ‘gramming about Self Care Sunday baths and shift toward low key bragging about being able to shower in water that doesn’t throw off our hormonal balance and give us endocrine issues.

So how can we make a change that is both convenient and Instagrammable (cause I know that’s all you care about)? That’s what I’ll explore in this section. Check back soon.