Yoga & Meditation Privates


Study yoga with me one-on-one.

My biggest motivation is to make people feel better.

I teach yoga and meditation with the intent to reverse the way we abuse our bodies through daily routines and work life situations.

When my own anxiety and chronic pain improved after regularly practicing yoga, I developed a passion to show others how they could finally relax their muscles and mind. To me, it’s like a body hack.

Of course, it takes time and consistent practice. That’s why I’m making myself available for private yoga sessions. I’m great with beginners and have taught people of all different body types and physical backgrounds, including the deaf, the elderly, those with previous muscle or joint injuries, and people with mobility issues.

Taking time to heal ourselves creates longevity and sustainable ways of using our bodies and energy. If we could all feel content in our own skin, imagine how much more we can invest in ourselves.

1 Session (1 hour) - $80

3 Session Package (1 hour each) - $220


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